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COOL LINKZ! ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ

Just a bunch o' linkz to other sitez that I think r cool az hecc & u should totally check out!

Site Buttonz (ω)

neocities noweb3 sadgrlonline w3schools templaterr neopets jellyneo lostandpound neomerch blinkies.cafe ezgif statuscafe gifypet 99gifshop 88by31 vaje key plasticdino bogleech dimden uncannyvalley moodlemcdoodle konfetti sugarforbrains melps dunsparce buzzwole golisopod 2bit mooeena y2kid anlucas shishka nofollow odditycommoddity atomicgothic snipertf2 cyberangeldust troysucks ufochasing bootleg64 exopet kickedinteeth y2knexus emmaessex ironymachine hotlinecafe transgendermoney metaparadox jellyworld pipis theenderdraco niftows deadland prfm faux entranceorexit groonklie webheaven o8archive NOAgarden dreamroommaker dokodemo frankencycled onemillionfurries kotatsu youtuube spiders sid'ssite mesoscale channel27

HTML/Website Related Pagez! (^<)

Sadgrl HTML Cheat Sheet basic HTML inputz ready to copy & paste into ur website'z code! wuz a huge help with the making of all my pagez

Sadgrl Layout Builder a free HTML/CSS website layout maker!

Sadgrl Layouts Premade free to use HTML layoutz!

Eggramen CSS Testpages Cool free to use CSS site templatez!

Codepen.io Live HTML/CSS/Java sandbox! great for testing out ur own codez!

Sadgrl Webmaster Links a HUGE collection of helpful HTML/CSS related sitez!

Website Idea Generator randomly generatez an idea for a website! don't have a solid idea for what ur gonna do for ur page? maybe thiz will help!

Dr. Link Check Checkz if any link u put in iz broken! super useful for building websitez with lotz of linkz!

EZgif Gif maker & editor with LOTZ of optionz! An absolute godsend for editing & converting graphicz, I use thiz site a lot for my own graphicz!

GifCities Loadz & LOADZ of old archived GeoCites graphicz! thiz iz where I get most of my page graphicz!

Dazzle Junction Cool graphicz & imagez!

Glitter Graphics Lotz of old MySpace graphicz + a funky HTML based text generator!

JellyMuffin Super old MySpace graphicz!

Smayliki Big archive of smiley face graphicz n such! the whole site iz in Russian but google translate isn't really needed lol

Myspace Gens Old Myspace Resourcez! Lotz of cool old web graphicz!

Glitter Text Online Super simple glitter text maker!

TEXTANIM Animated text maker! similar to Glitter Text Online but usez other textrurez & not glitter gifz

GlowTxt Glowing text maker!

Pookatoo Very similar to GlowTxt but with a collection of spooky fonts with unique effectz!

Textcraft Cool non-animated text maker!

Make Wordart Old windowz Wordart maker!

FlamingText.com Cool logo maker with lotz of optionz!

Sadgrl Tiled Backgrounds a collection of super neat imagez & gifz free to use for ur sitez!

Repeater Make just about any pattern into a repeating one!

Web Neko code for ur page that addz a kitty that followz ur cursor!

RV's Free Javascript/DHTML Effects Fun webpage effectz!

BlogSwitch.com Cool floating graphic page effectz!

Website Out Free view counterz for ur page!

Cbox.ws Live chatbox asset for ur page!

Cursor Effects Super neat cursor effects for ur webpage!

The 88x31 GIF Collection A collection of 88x31 buttonz to use on ur webpage!

A.N. Lucas's 88x31 Button Collection Another collection of 88x31 buttonz!

Web Button Maker A 88x31 button maker!

Sadgrl 88x31 Button Maker Another 88x31 button maker!

ACA Systems Button Maker Super neat 80x15 button maker!

Sadgrl Fonts a collection of cool as heck fontz free to use for ur sitez!

Dafont Free fontz for ur websitez!

Google Fonts MORE free fontz!

Font Space Another free font site! haz a lot of really good pixel fontz!

Bitmap Free pixel/bitmap fontz!

Text Colorizer HTML text gradient maker!

CSSgradient.io Super easy to use CSS gradient maker!

GifCity A collection of a bunch of cool graphicz and other neat page coding thingz!

TEXT-IMAGE Convert imagez to text! has HTML, ASCII, and Matrix optionz!

Useful Toolz/Resourcez __φ()

Perchance random generator maker! (there'z also tonz of cool generatorz made by other userz on there!)

Filmgrab High quality screencaps from moviez!

Screenmusings MORE High quality screencaps from moviez!

What The Fuck Should I Listen To Right Now givez you music reccomendationz according to whatever artist u input! (might not recognize every artist you put tho :[)

3D Jungle Free 3D modelz & texturez!

Just Delete Me Find out how (or if u even can) delete an account from just about any website!

RaveDJ Generate mashups & mixes of songs with no musical talent required! (resultz may vary in quality)

Petpet Generator Make a cute gif of any character or image getting petz!

Kaomoji.ru A big collection of copy + paste kaomojiz! (basically just japanese emoticonz from the old internet lol)

The VG Resource TONZ of resourcez ripped from video gamez! spritez, texturez, modelz, soundz, u name it!

PHOTOMOSH Photo editor that let'z u put super cool animated effectz on ur picz!

IMGonline Another photo editor! also letz u generate cool backgroundz!

PicMix Photo editor VERY similar to the clasic site Blingee, but doez not require flash to use!

LunaPic Yet another photo editing site! totally broswer based & doez not require you to make an account to use!

Name That Color Can't put a name to a specific color? thiz site iz for u!

Random Pokemon Generator Need a Pokemon but can't decide which one to use? pick up to 6 random onez with thiz site!

DragonVale Sandbox A super helpful website that hostz a lot of different info regarding the game DragonVale! (Idk if there are many ppl on NeoCitiez that play DV but I do & it'z been a big help while playing lol)

Neocolours View every paint color of every neopet ever! super useful to find specific pet colorz as refrencez if u plan to make Neopetz art!

LingoJam Translate ur text into various unicode fontz & languagez!

RealGems.org Haz a ton of info about a huge variety of gemstonez!

AreaCodeHelp.com A site that iz uper helpful in regardz to area codez in cell numberz! thiz link in particular leadz to a page that haz all currently unused area codez, great for authorz who want to put a fictitious number in their writing

Thousands of Palettes Generates thousandz of different color palettes!

Fursuit Maker's Database Huge database of fursuit makerz from around the world! also showz if they're open for commissions & whatnot!

Gamez & Stuff! (o^)/ ° (^o)

Windows 93 The coolest virtual machine ever! packed with loadz of gamez & thingz to do!

Syoujonoheya [WARNING: containz NSFW content] Really cool goth dollmaker!

CyberCamp2007 Scene/emo dollmaker made in Scratch!

Neal.fun A collection of fun little website gamez!

Line Rider A classic flash game about linez!

BrantSteele.net Gameshow simulator site! thiz iz where the Hunger Gamez sim comez from!

Dragon Cave Neat virtual pet site about dragonz, ur dragonz will grow depending on how many ppl click on them!

Checkbox Olympics See how fast u can click all the checkboxes! haz loadz of different gamemodez!

Other Neat Sitez! (*ω)

Cameron's World A super cool tribute to old GeoCitiez graphicz!

The Useless Web A big collection of uselezz but cool websitez! clicking the button will give u a different 1 each time!

Nukemap [WARNING: May be triggering for those with paranoia and/or anxiety] See about what would happen if a nuke dropped at ur location of choice!

PointerPointer Honestly it'd be better if you figured thiz one out by yourself :] (don't worry it'z safe)

Drawing Garden Drag ur cursor around to draw a garden!

Staggering Beauty [WARNING: Containz flashing colorz & loud soundz] Shake ur cursor and see what happens!

Hacker Typer Type to make urself look like a REAL hacker!

OMFGDOGS [WARNING: Containz flashing colorz] Pixel dogs running!!!!

Remoji Drag ur cursor around to put a bunch of old web emojis on ur screen!

Shake Art Simple drawing program based of of the game Vib Ribbon!

Shake Art Deluxe An upgraded version of Shake Art! Haz colors unlike the basic version!

OurWorldOfPixels Neat collaborative pixel art website!

Kirby's Rainbow Resort The internet'z longest running Kirby fansite! Tonz of things to see there!

Antipodes Map Tellz u where the exact opposite of the planet iz from ur location!